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Our research using observational cohort studies and randomized controlled trials has been vital to answering many important questions and optimizing clinical practices to improve maternal and child health. The OMNI Research Group is recognized internationally for its expertise and success in running single and multi-site birth cohorts.

COVID-19 Research

The COPE Network Study

Our team, led by Dr. Darine El-Chaâr, recently received $800,000 from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research to answer important questions about COVID-19 and pregnancy.

We are currently recruiting pregnant individuals for the COPE Network Study. Click on the image to learn more!

COVID-19 Vaccine Research

PLAN-V Survey

We are inviting pregnant, breastfeeding, and individuals planning to get pregnant within the next year to participate in a survey on COVID-19 vaccination.

Click on the image to learn more and to participate!

PLAN-V Cohort Study

We are inviting pregnant individuals who are planning to receive a COVID-19 vaccine in pregnancy to participate in a study to measure short and long term effects of COVID-19 vaccination in pregnancy.

Click on the image to learn more and to participate!