Become a Patient Partner

Members of the public can have an active and valuable role in research. OMNI Patient Partners play an important role by informing our team members on the research questions most important to Canadian families, sharing their ideas on how to improve how our research is conducted, and helping to share our research findings with the public. 

What is an OMNI Patient Partner?

An OMNI Patient Partner is an individual who can, through recent interactions with the health care system, speak directly to the fertility, pregnancy, labour & delivery, and/or postpartum experience. An OMNI Patient Partner must have a sincere interest in contributing to the research process and be a good listener, effective communicator, and willing collaborator.  

Patient Partners don’t need to be a research expert to participate. They are experts in their own experiences, and their input will help our research be more successful. As a Patient Partner, you will help us advance patient and family-orientated research by sharing your perspectives on how to plan and launch research projects, engage with research participants and how to best share our research results.  

OMNI Patient Partners contribute to research by participating in one of two roles: 

Project Advisor

  • Member of the project team 
  • Provide regular feedback throughout the life of a project 

Research Reviewer

  • Provide feedback on short project summaries 
  • Provide feedback on study materials that will be shared with research participants 

For more information how how to get involved, please contact us!