Participate in a Research Study

Our research using observational cohort studies and randomized controlled trials has been vital to answering many important questions and optimizing clinical practices to improve maternal and child health. The OMNI Research Group is recognized for its expertise and success in running single and multi-site birth cohorts. 

Studies that are actively seeking new participants are highlighted below. Individuals receiving care at The Ottawa Hospital, have the opportunity to identify themselves as being interested in participating in research. If you are receiving care at The Ottawa Hospital and have provided permission to be contacted for research purposes, you may be approached to discuss other research opportunities involving data or sample collection.

IMPACT is a study being carried out across Ontario, focused on understanding how the placenta develops and functions during pregnancy. The study is also interested in understanding how different prescribed and recreational drugs used during pregnancy can impact the placenta and growth of the baby.

The purpose of this study is to help inform the feasibility of a larger future research study involving pregnant women/individuals using/consuming cannabis during pregnancy and the postpartum period.