OMNI would not be possible without our alumni. We thank them for their dedication, contributions, and support. 

Alexa Bowie, MPH

Clinical Research Assistant

Clinical Epidemiology Program, Ottawa Hospital research Institute

Alexa completed her Master of Public Health (MPH) degree and Bachelor of Arts Honours in Psychology at Queen’s University. During her graduate studies, Alexa contributed to perinatal and maternal health research at ICES examining opioid analgesic exposure in early pregnancy and the risk of congenital anomalies.

Before joining the OMNI Research Group, Alexa was a Research Assistant at the Women’s College Research Institute in Toronto, ON, where she contributed to pharmacoepidemiologic studies in Dermatology. Her research interests include maternal and perinatal health, pharmacoepidemiology, and health administrative data. 

Arum Han, MSc

Clinical Epidemiology Program, Ottawa Hospital research Institute

Arum Han is from Victoria, BC, and was currently an MSc Epidemiology student at the University of Ottawa. Under the co-supervision of Dr. Corsi, her project focused on long-term healthcare utilization and health outcomes in children with fetal opioid exposure.

Christa Marlène Girincuti, MSc

Clinical Epidemiology Program, Ottawa Hospital research Institute

Christa Marlène Girincuti was a Master’s student in Epidemiology at the University of Ottawa under the co-direction of Drs. Daniel Corsi and Julien Little. She is from Burundi, a country in East Africa. Her project focused on studying the prevalence of cannabis vaping among high school students in Canada.

Dana Burke, BA

Administrative Coordinator 

Clinical Epidemiology Program, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Dana graduated from Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology in 1996. After a hiatus from the hospitality industry to be home with her 4 children she made a career change joining the OHRI as an administrative assistant in 2013. 

Dana joined the OMNI Research Group in 2015. With her diverse accounting, customer service, human resource and payroll experience, Dana had a multitude of roles supporting OMNI Scientists, Research Associates and associated staff in their day-to-day research activities. 

Felipe Abs da Cruz Bianchi, BSc

Administrative Coordinator

Clinical Epidemiology Program, Ottawa Hospital research Institute

Felipe graduated from UniCEUB University Centre of Brasília, Brazil with a bachelor’s degree in Biology Sciences. He was a trainee in the Conservation and Research Board, Mammals and Reptiles Curatorship at the Brasília Zoo Foundation in Brazil and is a former Biology teacher at SEB COC Educational System.

Passionate about research and data analysis, Felipe made a career change to be more aligned with the sector and joined the OMNI Research Group in 2021 as a Research Administrative Assistant. Felipe is fluent in English, French, and Portuguese, and is proficient in conducting research and collecting data.

Rosemary Larose, RPN

Clinical Research Nurse

Clinical Epidemiology Program, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Rosemary LaRose is a Registered Practical Nurse with nearly 24 years of clinical research experience. She has been responsible for recruiting patients across numerous clinical research studies managed by the OMNI team since 2017.

Ms. LaRose worked at the University Hospital in London, Ontario for 12 years as a Technician in Nuclear Medicine, Cardiology and Anesthesia research. She moved to Ottawa in 1986 to work at The Ottawa Hospital in the Division of Cardiology and later in nursing in the Rheumatoid/Cardiology/Nephrology program. She also participated in The Ottawa Hospital Preceptor Program for two years. Rosemary returned to research first as a Research Coordinator in Thrombosis Research alongside Dr. Phil Wells, and subsequently in the Hypertension Unit with Dr. Frans Leenen and with Dr. Robert Roberts at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute. Ms. LaRose has played an instrumental role in the Ontario Survey on the Prevalence of High Blood Pressure study, Genetic Risk Factors for the Coronary Heart Disease study and Ottawa Heart Genomics Study. More recently, she has been heavily involved with COVID-19 and pregnancy research, coordinating, and contributing to the recruitment successes of the COVID-19 Ontario Pregnancy Event (COPE) Network UNIVERSE-OB studies. Her research areas of interest include thrombosis, cardiology, genetics, and obstetrics.

Stephanie Boyd, P.Eng, MBA

Clinical Research Coordinator

Clinical Epidemiology Program, Ottawa Hospital research Institute

Stephanie graduated from Dalhousie University with her Bachelor’s degree in Biological Engineering in 2013 and is nearing completion of her MBA in Leadership from Dalhousie University. After graduating in 2013, Stephanie spent her early career in the biomedical engineering industry developing point-of-care medical devices. However, a calling to be closer to patient care and more involved in research led her to join the OMNI Research team in 2019. 

As a research coordinator, and mother herself, Stephanie’s interests focus on providing pregnant individuals/mothers and new parents with information they need make informed choices about their health and the health of their newborns.